Volvo XC90

One of the most important cars of the year to be released in 2015 is the Volvo XC90, an all-new model replacing the ageing incarnation that was on the market for over a decade. The new car is redesigned from the ground up and offers the same qualities but all wrapped in a much friendlier-looking and more modern package.

So far, only Autocar and AutoExpress have had a go in it and their views on what it’s like do coincide a lot. It’s aimed at comfort, not sportiness, and aside from a little engine grumble, it’s a supremely refined place to be. Interestingly for a car that weighs two tons is the fact that it will only be offered as a four-cylinder and/or hybrid.

Volvo’s T8 powertrain is no longer a V8 as it was for the old mode; now it’s a petrol turbo-electric hybrid system that delivers V8-like performance with much improved efficiency.

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