Subaru WRX STI

scoobyDespite it being a differently proportioned shape, with a longer wheelbase than before and a lower roofline with different A-pillars, you still look at the WRX STI and know what it is, especially if you go for the optional gold wheels that Subaru still offers. The driving experience is pretty similar to what it was before, according to EVO, though there’s definitely an air of modernity about it that wasn’t there before.

With 296 hp and the symmetric all-wheel drive system that made it famous, the new WRX STI is still very fast over varying surfaces. If you liked any of the older incarnations of the model, then you will like this new one too, unless you look at one of its rivals from the same price/power bracket, then things become slightly harder to justify – cars like the BMW M135i or the Volkswagen Golf R were not around in the days of the first Scoobies.

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