Singer Porsche 911


All the Porsche 911s coming out of the Singer shop in California are as close to works of art as a car can get. They get so much attention and thought put into the design and build process that the end result is really spectacular, if you have the right kind of eyes and mind to get it.


So they take an older 911, strip it bare, then start a process of improvement, reengineering and updating. While that may sound rather pedestrian, we assure you it isn’t and the cars they make are truly spectacular. The reason for that is not huge horsepower or excessive luxury, but the way in which everything fits together – they aim to create a car that looks as factory as possible, even though it’s so far from it.

Many have visited the Singer shop and all left deeply impressed with the work carried out there.


The only real downside they have is the price, which can reach upward of $200,000 – $250,000 (or even more), depending on customer preference and financial willingness.

Check out the series of videos posted below – they feature drives, interviews and a look at the inner workings of the shop and why it’s so special.

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