Renault Captur vs Peugeot 2008

In a world that is starting to be dominated by crossovers, Renault and Peugeot are making themselves noticed with the new Captur and 2008. Both have a stylish aspect and they aren’t that fun to drive. At the interior Captur is losing in front of the 2008, because it looks a bit odd, especially by having a drawer as a glove box, but that might turn into a positive aspect in terms of practicality, whereas the Peugeot is more refined and mature. Captur comes in a 0.9l and 1.2l petrol, and also, 1.5l dCi available in other Renault and Dacia models, that consumes 4.2l per 100km. The 2008 has a large array of engines, the entry level being a 1.4 HDi diesel engine that has a claimed fuel consumption of 3.3l per 100km, another diesel, a 1.6l e-HDi available with 91 or 113hp that takes 3.1l per 100km. When it comes to prices Captur is in front of the 2008, being a bit cheaper, costing 14.800 euro, while the other costs 15.350 euro.

Source: AutoExpress

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