Polaris Slingshot


You may have heard of Polaris, the maker of various types of all-terrain vehicles, but you probably have never heard of the Slingshot. It’s a new model from the American manufacturer, and it’s a very unusual one. It’s a three-wheeler, with the engine mounted up front, in the style of the Morgan Three-Wheeler, but all wrapped in a modern package.

Looks-wise, it actually somewhat mirrors the KTM X-Bow, though the latter has a wheel at each corner and is slightly less aggressive in its apparance.

The Slingshot looks pretty cool too, though, and everything seems to be styled to look sharp and angular. The interior is waterproof and under its bonnet you’ll find a GM-sourced 2.4-liter engine with 173 hp.

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire took it for a brief spin, and aside from some mild understeer, he reported its handling was very pleasant. Check out his video below and the review done by Motorcycle below!

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