Fiat 500X

Arguably the most interesting new model launched by Fiat recently is the 500X, a tall yet sporty-looking crossover with available all-wheel drive. Sold around the world with minimal modifications, the 500X is an oh-so Italian-looking vehicle both inside and out – in the US you have the option of a 2.4-liter petrol engine, but most cars in other markets will use Fiat’s tried 1.4-liter turbo.

It’s based on the same platform as the Jeep Cherokee, although you’d never be able to tell by looking at the two; they couldn’t be more different inside and out. And while it is usually a matter of taste, between the two it’s the Fiat that would take home the tiara. It’s also noticeably sportier to drive than the Cherokee, as the guys over at TFL Car explain.

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