Ferrari California T


The main novelty feature of the Ferrari California T, basically a very heavy restyling and update of the previous California, is not the clever folding hardtop roof, but the new turbocharged engine. It’s unusual for a Ferrari to have one, especially when it’s been fitted not necessarily in the quest for ultimate performance, but rather economy and day to day drivability.

Autocar praises the car in their recent review. They appreciate it for being better in every single way than its predecessor, with a plethora of small tweaks that add up. Moreover, the reviewer emphasizes the California T’s importance in the Ferrari range. It’s not aimed at traditional Prancing Horse buyers, being a kind of entry level model to attract new buyers. This is odd, considering the fact that group CEO, Luca di Montezemolo, deliberately limited the number of cars made to preserve brand exclusivity…

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