BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F


Let’s get one thing straight: it’s next to impossible for the Lexus RC-F to match the BMW M4 for performance and fun, because it weighs a lot more and its handling is generally regarded as “not as sharp.” Even so, when MotorTrend put the two to  the (comparative) test, the discrepancy they thought they felt between the two was almost completely washed away on the track, where the RC-F was only .3 seconds slower than the much more lively BMW.

Plus, the Lexus has its party piece, an engine of the type which is rapidly dying out: a naturally-aspirated V8 that sounds good and revs well. If only for that reason alone (and if you like the looks…) should you consider buying one over the M4 – in fact, the RC-F sounds much more satisfying on the move, and since it’s a Lexus we have a hunch it will prove more comfortable too…

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